Over 90 Years of Combined Aquatic Industry Experience!

We deliver specialised classes taught through fun, skills and growth!

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Over 90 Years of Combined Aquatic Industry Experience!

We deliver specialised classes taught through fun, skills and growth!

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Through positive early experience in our lessons we will establish a life time love & respect of water for the whole family!

Von and Barb dreamed individually for many years of providing swim classes of which they could be proud. They joined forces in early 2015 to design a program and to find the best and most suitable swim centre. And those long-held dreams became a reality at the end of 2016.

Our simple aim is the delivery of high quality swimming lessons, from Babies to Adults, and we feel most importantly, to educate families on how to be safe in, on, and around water.

The programs offered are of a very high standard and exceptional quality. Classes are offered in a small and private setting, with exclusive use of the pool and our facilities during sessions.

Swimming lessons have been widely proven to assist in lowering the drowning statistics in Australia. We understand what families want and need because we both have children, and Barb has grandchildren.  We believe children respond better in a fun learning environment that fosters encouragement and feelings of success.  Parents need a stress-free environment that allows them to interact with their child in the water, or enables them to watch in a controlled and close environment.

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Classes for the whole family...

We incorporate play and songs into our classes so that Babies and Preschoolers can willingly explore the water’s buoyancy along with its cause and effect. Movement and balance with our School age clients encourages maximum skill development. Body Harmonics with our Adults creates a greater understanding of their body’s relationship with the water.

Everyone learns at different rates, and our classes focus on development at a pace that suits our clients’ needs.We incorporate activities that are developmentally appropriate and that will enhance our participants’ individual learning styles, along with their emotional growth and social development.

We support our swimmers through every stage of their swimming development journey, and we encourage with praise, reassurance, and applause.

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