Our Classes

Welcome To Our Program

In our Centre, we have the best of both worlds warm water at the optimum temperature for all swimmer’s comfort, and our private pool with no outside distractions allowing total focus on just you! Our programs are swimming and water safety program that is aligned to the National Swimming and Water Safety Framework Our program is continually being kept up to date with the world industry best practice.
Our program is ongoing pay by the month in advance on the 1st of every month, your class day and time are secured until you want to change or discontinue, please see our Terms and conditions for the procedure to do this.

Little swim School


Our experienced internationally accredited staff will guide you and your infant through your 30-minute class, these classes are designed to enhance your child’s specific development stage and the comforting environment allows your baby to be relaxed and experience quality bonding time with you, your child’s first aquatic experience in the water should be pleasurable and fun for both parent/carer and baby.

Little swim School


Our pre-school program is developed in conjunction with our early childhood specialist, to ensure children develop water familiarization and confidence first, then progress to formal stroke technique within a safe and fun atmosphere. Each child learns at different rates and our classes cater for and focus on your child’s development. If you are wanting 1:1 lessons for your child contact the centre for pricing and availability.

kids swimming lessons


Enrolling in our Schoolies program you are giving your child one of the most important skills for life. Children are able to build their water skills each week and enable them to develop efficient and effective stroke technique. Our private pool will allow our Schoolies to focus on their lesson to give maximum effort, while still enjoying and learning respect for the water, if you are wanting 1:1 lessons for your child contact the centre for pricing and availability.

Adult swimming classes


Our adult program is designed to help you improve your relationship with water. We will teach you to relax and enjoy the water and discover your water awareness. We continue the same philosophy to our more experienced swimmers and help you develop that water awareness even further and rediscover the freedom of movement often lost over time. You have a choice of 30 or 45 minute lessons 1:1 only.

Junior Lifeguard Club

We are excited to announce the launch of our Junior Lifeguard Club sponsored by RLSSWA at Claremont on Saturday 9th October 2021. Our swimmers have been working hard over winter building up their stamina and stroke technique in preparation to make the move to the bigger pool, all swum beautifully on Saturday. Our Junior Lifeguard Club offers a unique aquatic alternative for those who love the water, want to be challenged and want more than just lessons.