Junior Lifeguard Club

  • 60 mins duration
  • $26.75 including 1 child and 1 spectator entry
  • Held off campus at Claremont Aquatic Centre our Junior Lifeguard Club skills is taught to high standard developing a knowledge of
  • Safety – learning to be aware of the surroundings, understanding weather and learning how to make it safe to be in, on and around water
  • Rescue – Understanding the types of rescues, where to use them and what is safest for them in the conditions.
  • Teamwork – working together with their team and competing in competition together to develop a good attitude to success
  • Fitness and skill – Working consistently to maintain swimming fitness and improve stroke skill and stamina.
  • Community- Develop a sense nurturing friendships and projects to engage their community
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Junior Lifeguard Club

Pre Requite- Whiptail Ray or Stage 8 RLSS

We are excited to announce the launch of our Junior Lifeguard Club sponsored by RLSSWA at Claremont on Saturday 9th October 2021.

Our swimmers have been working hard over winter building up their stamina and stroke technique in preparation to make the move to the bigger pool, all swum beautifully on Saturday.

Our Junior Lifeguard Club offers a unique aquatic alternative for those who love the water, want to be challenged and want more than just lessons.

The Junior Lifeguard Club provides opportunities for children to keep interested and active in aquatics. It’s a fantastic opportunity to further develop swimming skills at the same time as developing new and challenging lifesaving skills, this program is an alternate to club swimming-based competitive programs, our swimmers learn the skills required for pool lifesaving and the program is based on personal best achievement, with the chance to compete in specialised events involving the learnt skills such as, rope rescue, tow rescues, swimming events both individual and team.

If you are in our Whip tail level, you are eligible to join the Junior Lifeguard club this is currently running on Saturday afternoons at Claremont aquatic centre 12.30pm to 1.30pm, limited space is available, however if enough interest is shown another session can follow this.

If you think this is for your child speak to Barb for further information, either email or call.

Our future path for these swimmers if they decide to follow it can lead them into Competitions conducted at club, state, interstate, and international levels. Competing in this program allows participants to aspire to being a member of the Junior Barras (under 16 Australian Team), Silver Barras (under 19 Australian Team) or the Aussie Barras (Open Australian Team).