Pre-Schoolies Swimming Classes

learning to swim for adults

Our class size of just 3 means that each child has quality time spent on them for 30 minutes

  • Gummy Shark: 3-4 years (Initial Water Orientation teaching balance and floating recovery)
  • Wobbegong Shark: 3-4 years (Water familiarization, breath control, floating and introduce freestyle)
  • Hammerhead Shark: 3-4 years (Gaining confidence in deep water, sculling on back and treading water introduction, continue development of freestyle with breathing and introduce back stroke)
  • Tiger Shark: 3-4 years (Stroke development freestyle and backstroke, introduce survival backstroke and dolphin kick)
  • Tiger Shark Advance 3-4years (Refined stroke work for freestyle, backstroke and survival backstroke. Sculling developed to be able to stand and return to the wall on command.)
  • $23.85 per lesson classes are ongoing paid in advance on the 1st of every month
  • If you are wanting 1:1 lessons for your child contact the centre for pricing and availability
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Pre-Schoolies Classes

Preschoolers are taught critical skills of water survival throughout the program, learning to swim is a fun activity that leads to the cultivation of a healthier lifestyle with long term benefits.

In order to develop sound swimming and water safety skills and a respect for the water that they can carry with them through to adulthood we need to give consistent lessons, especially throughout their informative years to instill water safety, swimming and rescue skills.

Children will be nurtured and guided through our program to become independent competent swimmers.

Our Promise To You!

We will educate your children on a continual basis and continue to train our staff on up-to-date information to deliver you a program second to none.

At The Biggest Little Swim School all children are treated as individuals and will acquire skills at their own rate, our teachers will nurture each individual and participant’s will be allowed to progress organically.