Schoolies Classes

Swimming School

30 minutes duration - 4 swimmers per class.
With just 4 swimmers per class children's swimming skills will be established to a high standard to develop proficient swimmers.

  • Stingray: 4-6 years (initial water familiarization and floating)
  • Manta Ray: 4-6 years (water confidence & stroke development)
  • Eagle Ray: 4-6 years (stroke development Freestyle, Backstroke)
  • Whiptail Ray: 4-6 years (stroke development Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke)
  • $20.40 per lesson
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Schoolies Classes

The Schoolies program focuses on the fundamentals of swimming and water safety for children. This is a broad and balanced program teaching swimming, water safety, survival, and basic rescue skills. With an increased focus on stroke development, we encourage children to have a healthy respect for the aquatic environment.

Our program caters for those who have never had swimming lessons before to those skyrocketing from our Pre Schoolies. Your child will learn Sculling and Water Orientation, Underwater Skills, Survival Skills, Basic Rescue Skills, and Efficient Swimming Strokes. All developing an understanding of where their Aquatic skills can take them.